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Fill out the form so we can start working together. We can speak by mail, whatsapp or zoom, whatever you prefer. If you are not used to it, we can help you think about your web structure and recommend the best solution for your project.

Send us the mockup

Design your mockups however you want! Send us a reference image of what you need or just point to an existing website you want to adapt / replicate. Attach all contents: images, icons, typography, texts, colors and specifications.

We develop a preliminary version

We install the preliminary version of the website in our servers so you can test it. Ask for any changes or adjustments.

We upload the final version

Once you are a 100% satisfied, make the Paypal payment in order to recive the website. We upload and setup it in your client final URL (you will need a hosting and a domain).

Customers guarantee

30-days period for free changes in case you customers have second thaughts. After that period, you can still ask us for help whenever you need.

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